We are Sri Lankan Children Foundation

Sri Lanka has many disadvantaged and forgotten children particularly in the countryside and orphans either of the Tsunami or the recent conflict. The Sri Lankan Children Foundation has been created to gather money, resources and volunteers to improve the life chances of these children.

SLCF mainly focuses on relieving financial hardship, sickness, poor health and to advance the education of children in Sri Lanka, particularly but not exclusively for Orphans.

SLCF aims to provide Hope, Joy and Future for children by providing them opportunities to increase their life chances.

Poverty, war, sickness, and natural disasters can shatter and destroy a child’s future and confidence. Children should not become the victims of these factors. Each child should have a life. They should know the purpose of their life and SLCF helps each child to find their purpose of life.

SLCF supports over 1,000 children via 7 beneficiaries across Sri Lanka.We are providing support across all communities and ethnicity without any specific focus beyond need.

Our projects are mainly centred on safety, resources, education, developing skills and improving life opportunities in any way that will be helpful for children’s future. By increasing each of this child’s self-esteem and self-confidence we try to provide a valid meaning to their life.

Who We Are

As a non-profit organization, we always try to find ways to help people who are suffering from poverty, epidemics, illiteracy and natural disasters all over the world. We hope to bring aids and spread love to any where we go.
We are more than a group of people who share the inspiration in helping other people. We are wholeheartedly working as friends, family and a vibrant community of volunteers and supporters who think and feel alike.
We bring education to the illiterate children, give the students whose families cannot afford to go to schools and unlucky children scholarships and opportunities to study further so that they can obtain their dreams.

Project funding

Each project comes from the beneficiaries themselves so that it will be spent properly. In addition for each project we require:

  • A clear objective
  • A budget
  • A clear completion date
  • A modest budget, at this stage we do not envisage funding anything more than about Rs.3m (£15,000) in costs for any institution

SLCF might not be able to measure the direct economic contribution accurately but our website will provide detailed information on each project. All money raised will go directly to the project without any costs being charged for the administration or logistics, if at all possible.


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Jacques de Cock

Jacques has over 25 years’ experience of consulting, technology and business management and is currently the CEO of BQu a business services company based in the UK and Sri Lanka which he founded as well as a partner of TORI, a technology consultancy to financial institutions and a non-executive director of the charity nacue, the national association of college and university entrepreneurs.

Jacques developed leading consulting capabilities and knowledge management capabilities as Vice President of Mercer Management Consulting, Principal of Booz|Allen|Hamilton in the UK, France and USA and as a founding Director of Spicer and Oppenheim Consultants. His focus in was mainly in Financial Services with an additional focus on Investment Banking and Capital Markets

He was also the CEO of Patsystems plc, a leading on-line trading software developer, where he took the company from a 6 man start-up, through a London Main Market flotation; growing it into a £200m market capitalized company in 3 years. Jacques was also a Director of ICL Financial Services in the UK and France. Over the last years Jacques has been involved with over 15 start-ups as founder, mentor or funder.

Jacques has an MA in Physics from Oxford University and an MBA from London Business School and is married with three wonderful daughters.

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Diviniya Dominique

Romila Dominique qualified management accountant currently working at GlaxosmithKline as a supply chain accounting process lead. Almost 12 years of experience in business environment. Personal values are supporting disadvantaged children for a better future with hope and happiness.

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Gihan Liyanage

Gihan is a Senior Software Engineer with years of experience in software projects in different contexts. His experience scales from problem solving engineering, enterprise software development,SAAS and payment gateways, and third party App/API seamless integrations. Gihan brings his IT skills and project management experience into SLCF to support in its web development and integrations. Gihan holds a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Ruckshani Randeniya

Ruckshani Randeniya is a Digital Marketing Consultant with over 10 years of experience in brand management, managing and implementing marketing campaigns, and product development. She is a CIM (UK) graduate and holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Southern Queensland. She currently heads her own consultancy at Bits and Bytes and has experience in Retail, Travel and Hospitality, Health, IT, and Not for Profit industries. She feels passionate about causes and has been involved in several not for profit movements and charities over the years. She contributes to SLCF in marketing campaign planning implementation and brand development.


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