SLCF redefines the charitable contribution process to alleviate the poverty in Sri Lanka in a competent and resourceful manner. SLCF works directly with institutions such as schools, local councils, hostels, orphanages, local care service centres, churches and temples in poverty-stricken districts and get access to the beneficiaries’ directly. The differentiation factor of SLCF is the concept of creating shared economic value through the selected projects such as creating a web development unit for education and installing hydroponic systems for development of entrepreneurial and agricultural skills. SLCF aims to do this by identifying opportunities in individuals and society and attain a different kind of development.

Existing charity organisations in the market directly satisfy the basic needs of the children and families and increase dependency of the takers. Whereas SLCF tries to provide sustainability by supporting projects that focus on education, skills development, providing shelter and encourages the community to be involved in the participatory projects and bringing out the entrepreneurial skills by support business start-ups. This creates shared value creation within the community and reduces dependency on the givers. In the long term this process will become a continuous cycle and spread within nearby affected communities as well. According to CSR – CSV was proposed by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer, which states that organisations could bring business and society back together by redefining their purpose as creating “shared value”—generating economic value in a way that also produces value for society by addressing its challenges. (Michael E. Porter, 2011)


Creating Shared Value - SLCF


Further explanation of each projects has been explained in the business plan below.

SLCF services for the problem would be:

  • Reduction of poverty through the provision of enhanced educational resources and reducing the digital divide by creating online access points to rural areas and disadvantaged children
  • Investing in Hydroponic gardening that enables community to become self sufficient
  • Investing to create small scale self-functioning sustainable socio-economic systems for the communities to become self sufficient

SLCF impact of the services would be:

  • Creating a long-lasting effect in the society
  • High return on the investment as funds will be raised in £ and spent in Rs.
  • Creating economics of scale with small investment with high societal impact and benefits gained in return
  • Funding of small scale enterprises in districts outside the capital to ensure that the disparity of wealth and opportunity between the urban and rural region is mitigated

This will lead to the following benefits in the society:

  • Contribute towards the reduction of the poverty parity further down
  • Enhance education in a cohesive manner instead of causing disparity between districts
  • Improve life chances of many families by getting dependable monthly income
  • Brings the nation together
  • Will support to manage the consequences caused by poverty in an efficient manner


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