There are about 65 local charities registered in Sri Lanka focusing on providing charitable services in various districts. But majority of the charity service providers are located in Colombo however Colombo has the lowest poverty parity index which is 1.4 compared to other districts. 


Number of Charities per Locations (N=65)



Number of Charities per Services,  (N=65)


Out of the 65 charities top 5 services amounting to 40 foundations focus services on general community service, children, human rights, overseas aid, and education. The charity service Vs Location combination was again highly concentrated in Colombo compared to other districts which shows the disparity in the services industry.

Google map depicted below shows the districts affected with poverty and the dispersion of the existing charity providers. This image proves the point the inequality of the services provided across the country. In many poverty prevailing areas such as Mannar, Monaragala, Mullaitivu there aren’t any charity providers. This shows the wide gap identified in the support system that is not evenly distributed. Hence there is still poverty existing in the country and there is a ‘need’ for an efficient support system to manage this situation. 


Existing Charity Providers Vs Poverty Dispersion by Districts



Below are the reasons why SLCF is different to the existing service providers:

  • Aims at most of the districts affected with poverty methodically and contributes towards uplifting economy cohesively
  • All money collected in £ will be spent in Rs. Hence return on investment is high with high multiplier effect
  • Selected projects are focused on developing self-sustaining economic models and reduce dependency of the takes eventually
  • Continue reading SCLF Essence to find out how SLCF is different to other non-profit organisations in the market.



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