SLCF aims to redefine the concept of charity by reinventing the giving concept. Not just receiving by giving but trying to sustain by giving, instead of expecting more to be given. SLCF works to address the root causes of poverty and the marginalisation of vulnerable groups by building communities’ skills and promoting good governance within society and community organisations. Part of SLCF’s strategy, is supporting the districts that are highly affected with poverty and addressing mainly children, rural communities, single mothers, unemployed youth, and adults with special needs and equally distributing and contributing towards improvements across districts. Reducing digital disparities, encouraging entrepreneurial skills amongst the communities, encouraging cross fertilisation discussion of ideas between societies are key programme focused areas of SLCF. The projects are based on the concept of design thinking with zero based process reengineering, findings ways to avoid any intermediary costs and agile economy development. Using shared value creation as a basic concept, SLCF tries to identify breakthrough for self development and sustainability of an individual and society in the long run.

Our Mission

We build families for children in need, we help them shape their own future and we share in development of their communities. We support their life to be independent rather than to be dependent. We create a cycle of self- sustaining economic environment. We try to address all their specific needs and give a Hand Up and not a Hand Out!

Our Vision

Our vision is of vibrant, articulate, inclusive, and sustainable rural communities across Sri Lanka contributing to a prosperous, equitable, peaceful, stable living for an individual and creating a well stable economic society.

Our Values

‘TPIS’ is SLCF’s values slogan. TPIS stands for:

  • Transparency: To be transparent as possible for our beneficiaries, partners, donors, business organisations and overall general public and provide a clear update on how the money is being spent Respect for
  • People: Treating each and every individual with utmost respect
  • Integrity: Being trusted to keep our words and deliver what was promised to our beneficiaries
  • Sustainability: Redefining the concept of giving and continuous search in re -engineering any charity projects

We treat our values as commitments and ensure all our actions are abiding to the values.


Sri Lanka Children Foundation 27,
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London NW3 6PX

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