SLCF Projects - 2015-2017

SLCF supported projects around developing independent entrepreneurs within communities. This was achieved by;

  • Working directly with institutions identify the individuals/ families that have the skills set to become and owner but struggling with insufficient income
  • Depending on their conditions and willingness provide investment
  • Registering owners with SLCF and also with the managers of the institutions in order to monitor activities and money being spent in the right manner
  • Supporting local entrepreneurs by identifying potential vendors in the country to make sales.
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SLCF supported education establishments that required infrastructure, this ranged from simple walls, to more complex washroom facilities and large buildings to support the establishments education provisions.

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SLCF with the support of BQu Services provided the resources, support and connectivity to support online learning.

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SLCF provided support to several schools in the form of their school supplies, day to day meals and sponsored trips and fun events

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