SLCF Projects - 2022

SLCF has partered with a local IT partner in Sri Lanka to enable smart classrooms, for schools in Sri Lanka who are in much need of IT resources like computers, and softwares to enable their digital education.

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  • Project objective: SLCF to support farmers families with one months dry rations to overcome the current economic crisis and invest in the second round of harvesting to have a sustainable harvesting cycle
  • Project Budget : USD 1,000
  • Project Benefits : Shared value creation, developing sustainable economy 
    d income
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SLCF has reached out to disadvantaged communities in Sri Lanka who are currently unable to support themselves. They are victims of the economic crisis that has hit Sri Lanka post-pandemic and due to political instability in the country. We are currently providing essentials like food, medicines and stationary for schooling.

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SLCF has taken an initiative to support potential entrepreneurs in starting up their own business in a small scale. An interest to bake cake, start a bakery or ride a auto SLCF will support with the funds in the early stage provided based on the validity of the owners business idea.

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  • Project objective –To support computer training courses and bridge the digital disparities between the communities
  • Project budget – Rs. 1 Lakh per year
  • project timeline - December 2022
  • Project Benefits – To bridge the gap in education and provide equal online access to underprivileged students, to drive innovation and entrepreneurship, to help students to navigate digital learning platforms and finally to enhance business opportunities
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  • Project objective – Providing educational support for children
  • Project budget – Rs. 200,000
  • Project Benefits – Supporting educational support for children
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