Thank you for supporting us in 2021!

2021 was yet another year we will never forget due to the COVID pandemic. It tested many of us and affected us all financially and emotionally. We are grateful for all our donors, and for all their support in helping our projects which focused on providing resources and support for many disadvantaged children and schools in Sri Lanka.

SLCF started the year with supporting a school in Sigiriya to renovate the children’s playground, replacing with the new playground and helped renovating the primary school children’s wash room infrastructure.

Following the Sigiriya project 2021 was a year where SLCF got an opportunity to successfully execute digital projects in areas with high poverty index low digital exposure. SLCF successfully implemented two computer centres one in Lindula Nuwaraeliya benefitting around 2,000 children and another in Pedro estate benefitting children and local community. With the Pedro project SLCF also set up a local library for the children.  With this two laptop centres SLCF has contributed in setting up 5 laptop centres across Sri Lanka Jaffna Atchuvely, Trincomalee and China bay and 2 centres in Nuwaraeliya. 

In 2021, SLCF also ventured into an Agricultural project in supporting local farm families. SLCF installed water irrigation systems in the farmlands for the farmers to produce their own fruits and vegetables to sell and make money and to look after their families in the profits generated. 

In addition to the above stated major projects, through out the year SLCF supported the existing beneficiaries with general support specially for children to help with their education providing educational materials to overcome the lock down and COVID challenges.



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