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"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love." 
- Mother Teresa
Dear All,

Another successful year at the Sri Lankan Children’s Foundation! As we keep growing, your support is at the heart of our achievements. Gratitude is all I have for your generous contribution and time. Thank you!.

We made our second visit on November 26, 2018, to all our sponsored beneficiaries in Mannar, Trincomalee, and Vavuniya. 

Our first stop was at St. Joseph’s Memorial English School in Mannar which will be completed by mid-2019. By your generous donations, Sr. Ruba Rani is currently the principle and compassionate mentor who is accommodating more than 250 pre-school children at her residence until the school is built. This temporary sanctuary has benefitted children to learn english and improve their language skills. The plan for the school is to accommodate more than 450 children by 2019-2020, and we are hopeful that we will receive your continued support throughout this endeavor. 

The second visit was at China Bay, Trincomalee. There are currently two projects in progress. The first project was to build the Divinana Computer Center, which is the very first of its kind in China Bay. The computer center is now open for children and young adults who expressed their gratitude for providing this facility. The center comes with an online education portal for students from grade 01 to Advanced Level and a teacher’s guide for tutoring and skills building. It enables students and teachers to advance their computer skills and stay connected to the global news, which will minimize the digital disparity in Sri Lanka. The population size of China Bay is close to 10,000 and we hope to expand this computer center to provide access to anyone interested in using these facilities. If this sparks your heart and if technology has helped you in some way in your life, then please donate and make this project a success for people living in China Bay who have never heard of or seen a computer before in their lives. 

The Devi Setha Sewing Center is the second project and it was aimed at empowering single or women married to fishermen at the Deverama village in Trincomalee. We have successfully used your donations to provide basic training and sewing machines to these women who are skilled at this trade. With the use of these resources, they surprised us by showcasing their handcrafts, knitted babywear and children’s wear, and machine sewn women’s wear clothing which they hope to sell in the future. They currently lack the more sophisticated embroidery sewing machines which we hope to sponsor by collaboratively working with you and our other donors. 

Our final visit was to Pampaimadhu, Vavuniya where we donated educational and other resources such as books, shoes, and clothes to children who were affected by civil war, children who are raised by single parents, and victims of sexual abuse and violence. The people of this village need tuition support, empathetic and nurturing couples who are looking to adopt children, and educational resources to help them progress as a community. We hope you can pass this message to your family and friends and lend a helping hand to further our cause for social and economic development in Vavuniya.

Love without end, learn with an end to do good, never end your mind’s capacity to learn, and end your journey of life with the end of thinking of good and new beginnings. There are many dead ends, but the end pushes the brain to think of options that can break the ends of conformity!

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